Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Apple Picking and more

Hi there!

Once again it seems like life gets in the way of my blogging and scrapbooking. I've been trying to get my Paris album completed, but every time I plan on spending some time here in the Rubber Room, something or someone decides differently. So, here I am with a few minutes before I head off to the kitchen and start on dinner, I thought I would share with you the pages I completed for last month's workshop. We worked with CTMH's Olivia WOTG kit and this is what I came up with. A great big thank you goes out to Karen Pedersen for showing me what the layout would look like if I turned the sketch 90 degrees. Now, Karen's layout is a very masculine looking layout and its absolutely gorgeous. I chose to use CTMH's Tulip cardstock for my foundation page and cut some apples out using my Wishblade.

These pictures are of my granddaughter, Deborah, and her very first field trip. This was when she was in Kindergarten, and all the classes went up to Tehachapi to pick apples.

As I said before, I've been busy working on my Paris album and I have a few pages here to share with you. I've been trying to go chronologically except for the last two pages I shared but they were done for my September workshop. Where I left off before (way back in August) I had just shared with you part of our visit to Versailles. This next layout is the inside of the palace. As I toured the palace, I was in total awe of the spectacular rooms.
There's a funny story about this next page. Its not so much about the purse but how I had acquired the purse, which I journal about it on an index card and placed it behind the picture. It read:

"As we were ending our tour of Versailles, we met back up at the bus. Dave and I were a bit early and noticed all the men carrying lots of various purses. We knew right off, these men were "street" vendors, and this is how they made their living. I had mentioned I would like to have taken a closer look at the purses, but was a hesitant. Our tour guide mentioned he bought a purse for his wife here the last trip he had made to Paris.
Now I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money. But our guide gave a me a rough idea on how much I could get a purse for. I thought I would take my own challenge and see if I could get it even cheaper than our tour guide. Now, I am not a wiz at math and doing conversions in my head is something I have never been able to do very well. So, before I left the bus to haggle with these guys, I knew I need about 155 francs, which is about L20 sterling or about $33 USD. So, I turned to Dave and asked him to give me only 135 francs and that was all I was going to take with me. I left my bag, husband, identification, etc. on the bus and went to meet my new purchase, hopefully.
As I was searching for the bag I wanted, all the vendors swarmed at me like bees to honey. I found the bag I like and began to haggle with the guy. He told me at first 175 francs. I said, no no...too much. I knew it was close to the end of the day, and the last thing these guys wanted to do was to take home the least amount of purses necessary. Once he gave me his price, and I turned it down...he tried again and came down 10 more francs. I said, no no...too much, and turned to walk away. He then said, "You tell me!" I turned to him and said, "All I have left from today is 135 francs." He frowned and baucked about not enough. So, I turned to leave and he said, "Ok, 135 francs." I gave him the money and he gave me my purse.
So, here I am writing and telling you about my adventure in purchasing this purse. I didn’t think it would last a month...but 17 years later, I still have the purse and its still in great shape."

In setting up my Paris album, I planned on 2 pages for each "attraction" we saw/visited. But with all there was to see and take pictures of, I ended up with 4 pages for Versailles. So, in keeping with my goal of 2 pages, I used the True Fit Folio folders and made all those pages in bit more interactive.
I have a couple more pages to share, but they need to be photographed. With this record breaking temps here, I'll be able to get outside and photograph the next two pages I have completed.

So stay tuned....
Until later,
Happy Scrapping!!!