Saturday, October 25, 2008

October Workshop

Hello and welcome to my Rubber Room!

I have been so busy these past couple of weeks, that I almost forgot to share the layouts we will be doing this month at my monthly workshop. The pictures are of my granddaughter, Deborah's Kindergarten graduation. She was very determined to wear her cowboy boots and hat, that her Popi gave her for Christmas. She loves those boots!

Papers are from My Reflection Notebook paper pack from Close To My Heart, along with the My Reflection My Stickease. I cut the title out on my Wishblade along with the two hearts. I used HP Photosmart Essential program for the template on the left page.

If you like the layouts I feature each month for my monthly workshops...why not consider ordering a scrapbook kit? I have all the details on my other blog If you have any questions, email me at I'll be happy to answer them for you.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Chuga Chuga....Choo Choo

Greetings from the Rubber Room!

I thought I'd share another 2 page layout I just finished. The photos are of my grandchildren, Matthew and Deborah. Matthew was about 18 months old in these pics and Deborah was about 2.5 years. This train we had given to Deborah the previous Christmas. She loved her little train. What child doesn't love a ridem toy? Matthew was finally walking a lot better. He wanted to climb on the train and go round and round, just like big sis Deborah. So, he climbed up on the train and it didn't move. We showed him the button to push, and he would push it and the train would jerk forward. He just didn't know he had to hold the button down to continue riding. So, being the big sister that Deborah was...she showed him and continued to hold the button down and walk along side the train so Matthew could have his turn riding the train.

Papers I used here are from DCWV's Nana's Kids paper slab. Cardstock and embellishments are from Close To My Heart. The title is from Scrap Metal, in the Ravie font and the little descriptive signage above the pictures, I made on my Wishblade. Inspiration came from Becky Fleck's book, Page Maps.
Thanks so much for stopping by! I love having you visit my blog. I have a couple more pages almost complete and I'll post them in the next day or so. Don't forget to leave a comment or two. I love the feedback I receive. It always helps to improve.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing in the snow for the first time...

Greetings from the Rubber Room...

As you can see with all that I've been posting, I've been quite busy in the rubber room. I haven't had the twins in a couple of weeks, and I've been trying to put that time to good use by trying to get more layouts done.

This particular layout really gave me a run for my money! You family lives in the high desert of California. So we hardly ever get any snow. If we do, its usually overnight and its gone the next day. We're also considered in high elevation, not too far from the Tehachapi Mountains. So, if we get a little bit of snow...then we know that Tehachapi got a lot more. A few years back, my hubby and I bought some property up in the Tehachapi Mountains, in an area they call "Mountain Meadows." When we did get that little bit of snow back in the winter of 2006, we knew there would be a whole lot more up on the property. AND our granddaughter was finally old enough to go up and play in the snow. So, Kelli and her father, bundled up Deborah and off they went to the property, to go play in the snow. I sent along the camera with Kelli and told her to take lots and lots of pictures, so I could do a snow scene layout. Something I don't normally get a chance to do.

Now, let me tell you what I did. First, I took my inspiration from Becky Fleck's book, "Page Maps" on pages 14-15. I used the papers from CTMH's My Reflection Collection's "Dicken's Village." Now anyone who knows me, I have such a hard time with big empty blank spaces on my page. I had a major problem with this layout because of the big empty space at the bottom. It could represent snow...but that wasn't good enough for me. So, I thought, what does Deborah and the property have that I really want to showcase here. Pictures were taken care of for Deborah. But the property, its big and wild, and nothing but wilderness up there. What attracted me to this property in the first place was all the trees. So, with my Wishblade and a file, a member on one of the many yahoo groups I belong to, I cut out the trees, using CTMH's "Petal" cardstock. Then with my sponge daubers, I sponged, Twilight and Desert Sand on the trees to give it more dimension. Using pop dots I adhered the trees to the page. But first...the white is there and I couldn't just leave it like that. So, I turned to my creative CTMH sisters and asked for some help. I received quite a few emails explaining how to represent snow on a layout. I took all their suggestions, and went to work.

Here is what I did: I tore several pieces of White Daisy cardstock. I then took CTMH Amethyst ink and sponge the edges. I tried using Petal ink, but it turned out looking too dirty for my taste, so I switch to a lighter shade. Then I covered the front of the cardstock with adhesive. I combined, white Fun Flock and my prism glitter and spread that over the front of the cardstock. I tapped off the excess and VIOLA!!!! I loved how that turned out. I hope you can see it from the photos I took of the layouts. Now, of course, seeing the layouts in person would be so much better...but I hope this is satisfactory and you get the idea.

Thanks so much for stopping in. I am so glad we had a moment to share. Come back again and don't forget to leave a comment. I love reading them! I'll have more artwork to post in the next couple of days.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kevin in Kindergarten

Greetings once again from the Rubber Room!

I wanted to share with you the layouts I did for my son Kevin's album. The year was 1987, and he is just starting Kindergarten.

The papers are from Provo Craft. I had these papers in 8.5x11 size, but when I was at Michael's, I noticed they had the same papers in 12x12 size. I didn't have to blink twice before scrafing it up. Made doing this layout so much easier and alot more fun. All the bits and pieces of this layout is from my stash that I've been saving. Saving for what? That is why, I am going through everything and trying to use it up. The little heart in the lower right hand corner of the second page, was once a pin. I bought it at an antique store for $.50. No telling where you can find things to put your pages.

I hear some layouts calling my I better get back to it. I'll have some more to share in the next day or two.

Thanks for dropping by. Don't forget to leave a comment. I love hearing from you.

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Happy Scrappin'

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Friday, October 17, 2008

In loving memory...


Welcome back to the Rubber Room!

A few years ago, a call went out from the editors of "Paper Trends." They were looking for various paper crafts items, things other than scrapbook layouts or cards. I was in my clock making phase at that time. Unfortunately, I no longer have that picture to share...but anyways, I sent off via email and picture of a small cd clock I had made to the publishers. A couple days later, one of the editors wrote back to me and asked if the clock actually worked. Which it did...and then she asked for me to package it up and send it to her. She wanted to put in the Premier edition of "Paper Trends." I was so excited. So I sent off the little clock and waited for the new magazine to come out onto the stores shelves. The waiting was unbearable. I couldn't wait to see my little cd clock in print. Then one day, in the mail, I got a copy of the magazine and there on page 121 of the premier edition was my little clock and the instructions on how to make one. I was thrilled, excited, and proud to be able to contribute to this publication. I can now say, I have been published. My first and only time I have submitted anything. The editor wrote back to me ... once the magazine was published and out the door (what is they say in the newspaper industry?...put to bed? LOL) and asked me to send her my address so she could send the little clock back to me. I told her to keep it and place it in her office as a remembrance of the "premier" edition of her magazine.

Then a few months later, I received this package in the mail. It was full of papers, and stickers, and all kinds of embellishments. Papers I had seen at my LSS and drooled over, but couldn't afford at that moment. The papers were Sharon Sonneff's Sonnets from Creative Imaginations. They are absolutely gorgeous. It was such a special event that led me to these papers, I wanted to so something just as special with them.

My sister Joella, received this poem from a friend the first year after the passing of our father. She in turn, retyped it on the computer, printed it on parchment paper and framed it. She sent it to all three of my brothers, and myself. I, in turn, retyped it and made this layout for the family album, using the special papers I received from "Paper Trends." But before I could do this layout, I wanted an angel to go on the page. I looked and looked, and I could not find an angel I liked enough to include on this layout. Then, my brother, Jeff, one Christmas, sent my family a personalized serving tray and this sweet little angel was on that tray. So, now I knew what angel I wanted on it, I went in search of picture, bitmap, jpeg, book, anything that had this little angel. Then one day, someone on one of the groups I belong to, shared a link for all kinds of artwork. As I was browsing through this website, I found that little angel. I was thrilled. So, now with all the pieces together...I finally put the layout together, with the help of Becky Fleck's book, "Page Maps."
Now I realize the printing on the layout is so tiny and you probably can't read the poem...I thought I would share the poem here with you.
My First Christmas In Heaven
I see the countless Christmas trees
around the world below,
with tiny lights, like Heaven’s stars,
reflecting on the snow.
The sight is so spectacular,
please wipe away the tear...
for I am spending Christmas with
Jesus Christ this year.
I hear the many songs
that people hold so dear...
but the sounds of music can’t compare
with the Christmas choir up here.
I have no words to tell you,
the joy their voices bring,
for it is beyond description,
to hear the angels sing.
I know how much you miss me,
I see the pain inside your heart,
but I’m not so far away,
we really aren’t apart.
So be happy for me, dear ones,
you know I hold you dear.
And be glad I’m spending Christmas
with Jesus Christ this year.
I sent you each a special gift,
from my Heavenly home above.
I sent you each a memory
of my undying love.
After all, love is a gift more precious
than pure gold.
It was always most important
in the stories Jesus told.
Please love and keep each other,
as my Father said to do.
For I can’t count the blessing or love
He has for each of you.
So have a Merry Christmas and
wipe away that tear.
Remember, I am spending Christmas with
Jesus Christ this year.
Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed yourself and found some inspiration. I am heading back to my corner and work some more, so that I have more to share with you on another day. Come back again.
Until next time,
Happy Scrappin'!
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Playtime at Gamma's

Hi there! Welcome back to the Rubber Room!

Its been fairly quiet the last few days, so I thought I would try to do some "catching up" in the scrapbook department. I am just so far behind. I don't think I've ever been ahead when it comes to having all my scrapbooks up to date. I just keep plugging along and doing layout after layout after layout. Its alot of fun, picking up an old layout that you started quite a while ago...and not remember what you had planned to do with it. Well, such is the case with these layouts. I do remember though, I was going to split this 2 page layout and put one page in Matthew's book and the other page in Deborah's. I guess I didn't like that idea, since I kept putting it back to complete later.

Well later has arrived and not only did I NOT split up this two page layout, I made another 2 page layout almost exactly like the first. So, now Deborah will have a 2 page layout in her album, and Matthew will have a 2 page layout in his.

On Deborah's two page layout, I received this kit from my local scrapbook store, quite a while ago. They had a demonstrator come in from Chatterbox, and you could sign up for this Chatterbox class. Well, their turn out was very successful, they anticipated for more though, so they put their kits up for sale. I love kits, so of course I bought one.

Now Matty's 2 page layout, I dug through some old papers I had, and found what seems to be the last of this CTMH paper pack. Its been a long time retired, that I can't even remember the paper pack's name. The tiny flower with yellow background paper came from my stash. Its part of the papers, my DH gave me a few years ago when I first started scrapbooking. I think the combo goes quite nicely together. The little tiny signage are from Making Memories and I also made some to fit my needs on my Wishblade.

I got a few more layouts completed these past few days, but I think I am going to wait and share them in the days ahead.

So stay tuned, cause there will be more to share in the days ahead.
Thanks for stopping by.
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Happy Scrappin'!
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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Going Back in Time

Greeting everyone!

Welcome to my Rubber Room!

If this is your first time visiting, sit back and enjoy and Welcome! If you've been here before, Welcome Back!

Today, I thought I would share with you the layout I just completed. I wanted to share it with you yesterday, but the winds were blowing so bad outside, I decided to wait till today to see how the winds would be. It seems to be mild today. So, outside I went with camera in hand to snap a photo of my latest layout.

Papers I used were from CTMH's Heart of Winter promotion this past January. How many of you look at papers and think right away what pictures to scrap with those selected papers? Do you go with your first thought or do you hem and hah and look for a better picture? I usually go with my first thought Why second guess yourself right? That means I don't have to waste time going through all my photos looking for just the right photo.

The photo is of my three children, Michael, Kevin and Kelli, taken in May of 1985. It was almost a year since we returned to the states from Iceland. Michael was 8.5 years old and Kevin was 3.5 years old and Kelli was just 21 months. WOW, time sure flies doesn't it? It just seems like yesterday, we were having their photos taken. Now, they are all grown and have children of their own. Oh I sound like an old lady or what!

Well, this old lady is heading back to her scrappin' table and continue working on another layout. I'll try to get it completed in the next couple of days and post it here to share.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you'll come back and visit again.

Until next time,

Happy Scrappin'

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Do Over!

Greetings once again from the Rubber Room!

Here it is...Saturday morning, time is 4:44am and I can't sleep. So, what better way to spend my morning, but with all of you! Got your coffee? I got my cup of tea right here and away we go with another do over.

The first two layouts were done when I was doing 8.5"x11". Now that I am doing 12"x12" I am slowly but surely making my way through all those layouts and either converting them to 12x12 or redoing them all together. I tried to stay along the same style on these layouts...but I did make some changes. Papers are the same...CTMH's Fleurs de Jardine in Cranberry and New England Ivy. I took one sheet from CTMH's Everlasting paper pack to add to the mix. I have lots and lots of embellishments to use up and decided to use some of them here.
Its funny to look back at previously done layouts and wonder...what I was thinking when I did this layout. I am so glad I decided to redo this one.
I am so pleased you decided to drop by. Drop by again some time. I have another layout completed, but gotta wait for a day when I can spend some time with my camera. Perhaps in the next few days, I can grab a few minutes for myself.
Hope you have a terrific day in whatever you decide to do. Looks like housekeeping is in store for me today. Hopefully, I can grab a nap when the twins go down for theirs.
So, until next time,
Happy Scrappin'!!!
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Water Dog

Early morning greetings from the Rubber Room!

I thought I had posted this pictures before, but with the crash of my computer...there is a lot of things I thought I did and didn't do. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you the first time Auggie (our new pup) discovered there was water in that big blue thing in the backyard. She just happened to run into it and found that it moved. So, she took another step closer to discovering the water on the other side. Once she got her feet wet, well the rest is history. She would run and run around the backyard and dive into the pool. Run around in circles a few times then jump out and run around the backyard again. It was really a site and had us all laughing hysterically. And as all good things must come to an does our small little swimming pool. Auggie jumped in one too many times and bit the side of the pool, deflating it.
So little girl, you're gonna have to wait till next year to get a pool just for you. Next year at this time, you'll be the size of a horse! LOL
Let me do some explaining about the pictures here. The first one up there, she's peeking into the pool...saying something like...what is on the other side. Next picture, shows her being a bit more curious and touching the water. You you dip your toe in to feel the temp of the water. This next picture...she's tested the water and jumped in. Here she is running back and forth, splashing water everywhere. And this last picture...she just discovered the sand at the bottom of the pool. Inquisitive minds!
I hope you get a giggle or two from the adventures of our new pup. She's fun to watch, and man does she take a lot of work to train.
Thanks for stopping by!
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Happy Scrappin'!
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