Sunday, August 23, 2009

Momma Mia...what have I done?

In my small little world, things have a designated place. I am sure its that way with most of you. But when it comes to decorating, in this household, there is no such thing as baby steps. Nope, not at all. Its all or nothing! LOL

What started out as a small purchase of a tapestry to hang on the window in our bedroom, turned out to be one major endeavor. We couldn't agree on just one tapestry. I liked one tapestry whereas, my DH liked another. So as in all good marriages, we compromised. We bought both. One to put on our bedroom window and the other to hang on the wall in the livingroom. I knew the tapestry wouldn't go with the color on the walls and we've been wanting to replace the livingroom furniture. So, we both started surfing the internet to find the furniture WE wanted. I wanted a small print or design, but he wanted oversize overstuff leather furniture. At this point, we were not the normal happy couple who knew after 29 years of marriage, that compromise is the best way to solve anything. But I gave in to his overstuffed, oversized leather furniture. Although I did have a few words to say about it. I explained that this home of ours was just too masculine, there was nothing feminine about it. Where he came back, jokingly saying..."This is a manly man's house!!" I was really waiting for him to start pounding his chest and start with the Tarzan scream. Instead, I just simply replied, that this house is so full of testosterone, that I am drowning here! He didn't have a quick comeback at that! I really shouldn't complain...we both want a change in our environment, afterall, when we painted the last time...we wanted a simple soft peach colored walls, but instead they turned out PINK!! OMG...they were so pink. And they have been this way for the past 8 years. No wonder the man wants a "man cave!!" LOL

So now that the furniture has been ordered and we're waiting for it to be delivered...we decided to paint over the pink walls. I thought a nice neutral color on the walls would be nice. You see it alot on home improvement shows on HGTV. DH thought the same, but we didn't go together to select the exact wall color we wanted. DH said he had errands to run and said he would be back. Never in my wildest imagination, did I think he would stop and pick up paint. But he did! This was all over the matter of days that we talk about wall color and him actually picking up the paint.

Now, paint has been bought, the furniture has been ordered, and tapestries have arrive. Meanwhile, we started a project a while ago in the kitchen. I thought we need to finish this project before starting another. BUT (as usual) DH had other things in mind. He said he wanted to get this one wall painted and the tapestry hung, before the new furniture arrived. So, we moved the old furniture out and off he goes and started painting the one wall. Now the wall color looks almost yellow in the picture you see here. But its not, its very close to CTMH's Brown Bag color, but lighter. Its a little darker than what I was imagining, but it gives the room a warm feel to it. OK, OK...I like it! He made a good choice without me! LOL

In our adventures of redecorating and painting our home, we have the wonderful issue of the CAT! Now, Bella loves to be in the middle of whatever is going on. So as DH is rolling paint on the wall, Bella is chasing the roller. He's manage to catch it a couple of times and then goes running off with paint on his feet, leaving little paw prints in his wake. He thinks this is a game just for him! LOL So, as DH is painting the walls and fighting with the cat for the roller, I am down on the ground with my scrub rag and vinegar water cleaning up little paw prints.

Of course, Auggie (the dog) has to be in the middle of things as well. Luckily for us, she hasn't learned to climb the ladder. But she is still where she isn't suppose to be. (Under foot!!) Isn't life grand when you have pets? I'll leave you to ponder that question on your own. I think you all know my answer!

So, my nice orderly world, where everything belongs in its place, is turned upside down. And with my house in such disarray, how can I possibly go back to the rubber room and concentrate on doing any kind of artwork. I know I have a few cards to make. But to get my creative juices flowing again, I am in dire need of a massive "Calgon" moment. AND getting everything put in its proper place.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and what is left of the weekend. Today is DH and mine 29th wedding anniversary. We plan on going out to dinner to Outback. I hope it doesn't blow my diet to much out of whack.

Yes, on top of all the disarray of my household, I have started a diet. Its more like a lifestyle change than a diet, but I am tired of carrying around this excess baggage. I signed up with Sparkpeople, to help track my calories and all that good stuff that comes when dieting. And I've started another blog to journal about my progress. I'm not sure if I will post daily or weekly yet. I'm just beginning, so I won't post a link till it get it completely up to where I want it.

Thanks for stopping by and listening (or should I say reading) to me ramble. This too will pass, and then my world will be totally wonderful and back to normal.

Until next time,
Lots of *Wet Paint* Hugs,

who is smiling because things can only get better from here!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Giving Credit

When I posted the other day, my photo cube, I did not give credit where credit is due. A sister consultant, Rose-Marie Huneault came up with the layouts for each side of the cube for a workshop she conducted. She did such a wonderful job and it was my mistake not giving her proper credit.

I also want to give credit to my good friend, Jenn from for supplying my workshop with the pink brads and opaque gel pen. The use of the gel pen is what really gives the embellishments the "wowie" factor for this project.

This was totally unintentional to forgot these two. I truly appreciate all the help that other consultants are so willing to give to each other. That is one of the things that makes Close To My Heart so special to me.

Thank you everyone, who read and comment here on my blog. I truly appreciate you all too.
So, until next time.

Lots of special hugs,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blog Candy

Check this out! Bev is celebrating, and giving away some awesome products. Here's the link to her blog. She's a dynamite artist and I wish her luck in her future endeavors.

Well, I'm off to remove kitchen cabinet doors so I can sand them and then get them painted.

Till next time, thanks for stopping by.

Lots of Inky Hugs,

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sisterly Love

Hi all!!
I sure hope this works! I haven't had much time to spend in the Rubber Room lately. We are in the midst of remodeling the front portion of the house. I don't know what I was thinking 19 years ago, when I painted my livingroom and diningroom in a color that we thought was going to be a light peach color. It turned out to be more pink than peach. So, for the past 10 years I have lived with a pink livingroom and diningroom. Now, we've decided to paint the walls a cross between Bamboo and Brown Bag. Its the prettiest tan. I bought a tapestry to hang on the wall behind the couch which reminds me so much of our garden when we lived in England. I'll be sure to share with all of you once the projects get completed. I really don't want to do a before picture because I hate showing my life being so upheavel. We all go through it, I can accept that, I just don't want pictures of it! LOL

Anyhow, this slide show I am sharing today is what we will be doing at my next monthly workshop. I used CTMH's Mt Reflections Bella papers and the embellishments I made myself with the help of my Sizzix Big Shot and dies and my QuiKut dies. I even took my Hollyhock reinker and dyed the satin flowers. I believe I got the flowers from Debbie at (Hi Debbie ) I made this photo cube for my sister. She knows something is up but she doesn't know what. But she frequents my blog, pretty soon, it won't be a surprise. So, SURPRISE Jo!!! I'll be getting this in the mail to you after the first of the month. Love ya Sis!!

Thanks for stopping by. If you like what you've just seen, leave me some lovin'! Hope you all have a terrific weekend!!

Inky Hugs,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Circle of Friends

What a nice surprise this morning! My CTMH sister, Haley ( nominated me for "The Circle of Friends" Award! Thank you, Haley!!!

Here are the rules: Nominate 5 other bloggers you feel have become part of your circle of friends. Link to your nominees within your blog post. Include these instructions on how to pick up the award in your blog post. Link back to the person who gave you the award in your blog post, to show your appreciation. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received the award.

How fun is this? I have been so blessed to "meet" so many people online!

The ones I've chosen are people I have alot of admiration for. It I could bottle half their creativity...(you fill in the blank). I just love you guys!! Here we go, in no particular order: