Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mission Organization - Before and After

Greetings once again from the Rubber Room!
I thought I would share my before and after pictures of what I've done in my rubber room. I can't seem to keep this room as organized as I would like...then after lots of contemplation and procrastination...I just jumped in with both feet and got my hinney in high gear and this is what I've done.
A great big Thank you to Mary Vogel for the idea of hanging paper packs. Its just gives me more added space.
The before:

This is kinda the norm when I get ready for a workshop, or when I'm into a big project. I pull things out and drag them out to the livingroom to work on. I can't always work here in my room since I share it with the twins when they are here.
This is a close up of my ribbon collection:
Please no comments about the TV remote in there. LOL Its an old one and when I scoop I grab everything! LOL
Here are the after pics:
Many many thanks to JennD for her suggestion on using the canning jars. I picked mine up at Ace Hardware for $10...but I also saw them in the grocery store for about the same price. I sorted a spools of ribbon up in the gutter according to the color spectrum. ROYGBIV I put the white and pink before the red and the browns and black at the end. It may not look all that neat but when I go to use my ribbon, I pull out the whole spool. I thought about drilling holes in the wouldn't suit my purpose.

This is the whole wall now. Notice the brown pizza boxes...I'll explain about that in a minute.

Inside the wardrobe:
I had to move my boxes of stamps since I put my ribbon jars up on that shelf. So, I did some rearranging on the book shelf.

I had all my My Accents and embellishments in more than one place. I didn't know what I had and it was always so messed up;
The before:

And the after:

I plan on decorating the pizza boxes eventually. I put just about everything in the pizza boxes, buttons, wire, mesh, My Accents. So when I got to do a project, I can pull the whole box and have all the embellishments right there.
With all the different places I scrapbook within my house...I think this will work best for me. Clean up won't be so difficult.
Thanks for looking and thank you to everyone for the inspiration you all have given me. A special thank you to JennD and MaryV for their ideas.
So, until next time,
Happy Scrappin or Happy Organizing!

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