Monday, December 29, 2008

Look!! Santa's been here!!

Hey there!

Hope your holiday was as enjoyable as it was here at the Eisler's household. Santa arrived and delivered all the goodies for the children and had enough time to get back home and get plenty of rest before his own brood woke up.

The twins awoke about 8am and were utterly amazed to see all the goodies that Santa brought the night before. I think this is the first year, it registered with them about this particular holiday. As in every year, Dave played Santa and each time he handed a present to Jaden to open, Jaden would say, "Oh thank you!" in that sweet baby voice of his.

Kelli and Mike arrived with Deborah and Matthew, and our fun and festivities began. It brings back lots of memories of past Christmases of when I was a child. The excitement, anticipation of what each gift brings.

It was so much fun! It makes all the preparation for this time so worth it. Of course, I had my camera handy and snapping pictures right and left. So instead of plastering my blog full of Christmas morning gift opening events, I decided to try to put the pictures into a collage and post them. Now, all I have to do is just one page layout of Christmas morning for each of their scrapbooks, and not feel guilty of having to eliminate any photos. I should have thought of this long before now!!
Look at photos of Deborah and all her missing teeth. Don't you just love that?!? Now, the fun really begins...packing up all the Christmas decorations and storing them away again for next year.

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Hope you enjoyed yourself.

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