Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paper Piecing Layout

Have you ever wondered, what if I tried something new with my pages?  Have you ever challenged yourself to step out of your comfort zone and give something new a try?  I love trying new things.  Sometimes, they work out and sometimes they don't.  But I never let those little somethings set me back.  I just learn from them and then I keep moving forward.  If I don't step out of my box/comfort zone, then I feel like all my pages start looking the same.  

So these next two pages, I thought I would try something new.  We've all seen paper piecing. To me, I've seen where little objects are pieced together for an embellishment for a page.  For instance, putting a tree on your page, them attaching individual leaves to the limbs of the tree.  Or perhaps, you want to put a bird or butterfly on your page and the different components make up that bird or butterfly.  That is what paper piecing meant to me.   

Then I got an idea about doing a two page layout of nothing but paper piecing components.  Oh my goodness, did my Wishblade get a workout with this project.  

The children had such a good time, playing together outside.  This was the first time the twins were able to going outside and play.  They had just started walking and had such a good time.  I was so thankful for having a digital camera at that time, because I kept snapping picture after picture. 

Now, these pages are for Matthew's album, and I plan on doing the same layout but different pictures for each of the children's albums.  Now, I can't take all of the credit on these pages,  All I did was cut and paste all the elements. So, I would like to thank Josy Carson, for all the hard work she put into this digital design.

Besides converting all these files to .gsd files, so that I could cut them on my Wishblade, I used my Martha Stewart's "Punch Around the Page" punch for the outside border.  Then I used another one of Martha Stewart's punches for the bottom border.  I wanted to show the green field more as hilly or rolling hills, so I distressed the edges.  I've always love the crackled edge look, so I tried giving the fence a worn, weathered look to it.  You can't see if very well in the pictures. And the rest is all paper piecing.

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