Sunday, September 28, 2008

How many days till Christmas?

Greetings again from the Rubber Room!

I did a search and asked how many days till Christmas? This is the reply I got:

87 Days
13 Hours
52 Minutes

...But who's counting?

And the way the economy is...I have to get a bit creative. I make a lot of Christmas gifts for my family, but that also requires some of that green stuff. So, in an effort to not wait till the last minute, I thought I would start now getting the gifts put together. So to buy the materials I need I thought I would try to find a new home for some of my stamps. I spent the last 3 days going through all my stamps, looking and asking myself, which of these do you really truly want/need?

So in an effort to reduce the amount of stamps I have and to get started now on Christmas and to make room for more stamp sets this next year...I am posting here the stamps I am selling. You can see what the stamps look like, the condition they are in by clicking on this link.
Some are well loved, some are brand new and have never been used. Here is the list of the stamp sets.

A1037 Baby Impressions $7.

B1019 Celebration Solids $6. This set is missing the Christmas tree
B1033 Blossom Blocks $9
B1170 Fairy Dust $9.
B1174 Flower Fairies $9.
B1185 Bottle Caps $9
B1186 Ho, Ho, Ho! $9
B1207 You're Invited $9
B1208 Birthday Script $9
B1209 Cherish $9.

C1004 Dragonfly and Friends $12.
C1048 Rose Splendor. $12.
C1057 Little Things Matter $12 Brand New. Never been used.
C1166 You and Me $12
C1070 Sunflower Garden $12.
C1105 Retro Lowercase $10. This set is missing an "l"
C1196 My Mom Stamp Set $12
C1201 Spirit of 76 $12.
C1202 Three Cheers $12
C1209 Christmas Script $12.
C1214 Harvest Wonders $12.
C1215 Throughout the Year $12. Brand new. Never been used.
C1217 Smitten $11. The tiny little heart is missing
C1223 Antique Tags $12 Never used, brand new.
C1226 Floral Charms $12.
C1229 Accents, etc. $12 Brand new.
C1239 Vintage Father's Day $12
C1243 A Friend Is $12
C1251 Harvest Memories $12.
C1252 Abundance Borders $12.
C1261 Finding Beauty $12.

D1114 Create a file $14
D1135 Words To Live By $14
D1053 Kid Power $14.
D1087 Elegant Floral $14
D1133 Seed Packets $14.
D1136 Paradise $14. Never used, brand new.
W326 Friendship's Garden $14

If you see a stamp set you like, send me an email to Make sure you put "Stamps" in the subject line. Shipping is the actually cost of shipping, so make sure you send me your zip code so I can calculate it for you. As far as payment, I prefer paypal, but can also accept checks and money orders. No credit cards please.

So until next time,

Happy Stamping!!! Or Scrappin"!!!

Inky Hugs,

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