Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Saga Continues...

Greetings once again from the Rubber Room!

I can't believe its been almost a month since I last posted anything. Its not that I didn't want to...I did but its kinda hard when you are without a computer. Yes, my dear friends...I have joined the ranks of the "computer crashers!" So, heed my warning...if you haven't backed up everything on your computer, do so NOW. Quit reading my blog, go back up your computer. We'll still be here when you return. I have a few friends who use and recommended doing a back up there. So, I've signed up with mozy and feel a bit more secure.

When my computer crashed, I thought I had lost, layouts, gsd files (for my Wishblade) countless other files. So, what is a girl to do when this kind of thing happens? I cried a bit, cussed myself out for not backing up when I should have, smacked the side of my head and said..."see it did happen to you!!!" and then called in the professionals. Yes, another mistake! I called the Geek Squad! I hadn't heard of any bad with them...not like Circuit City. So, I called. Heard the words I needed to hear. "Yes, we can help!" Then I was quoted the price. I almost feel out of my chair! But what I had on my computer was priceless. So, the first free day, DH and I had together, off we trekked with computer in hand off to see the Geeks. I explained everything I needed done. I explained what was important to me. I specifically named things that needed to be saved. The gentleman behind the counter told me, they could save everything on my computer and for an extra $59.95 put everything back on my computer the way it was before the crash. Ok...that sounds pretty good, so we agreed, put up our house for collateral (only kidding here...but you catch my drift about the pricing right?) and off we go, leaving our beloved computer behind. They said, it'll take 2-3 days. On the third day of my computer in what I thought was capable hands, I get a phone call. Its the Geeks and they left a message on my voice mail, telling me there is a problem. Turns out, I have a dual hard drive and they are linked together. They called it a fancy name but I can't remember it. But because I have this unusual kind of computer, they cannot put my computer back to the way it was. They recommended they save everything from my hard drive to an external harddrive. Now, DH has an external hard drive that he isn't using, so I thought I would take this into them and they can save it to that one. Nope, no such luck. Not enough room on the one I had. So for an additional, $84.95 I would have not only my computer back but also an external. So why am I spending an additional $59.95 for my computer to be back to the way it was before? Another question is...why didn't they check to see if the computer had a dual harddrive? Afterall, aren't they the professionals? So, we go round and round with them. You know...these guys...have very bad listening skills! They can talk the talk...but sure can't walk the walk!!! Anyhow, I did manage to get them to knock off $50 of the external harddrive. But the story doesn't end there.

I get home get the computer set back up and found so many different things wrong with it. Now, remember who you're talking to!! I am so much a creature of habit and change just sends me into a tail spin. I could enumerate all the things wrong, and I probably could take the computer back to the Geeks...but why should I? I drove almost 60 miles to take my computer to the professionals...and they screwed it up. I don't think this warrants another chance. So, instead, I am venting here and I am writing a letter to the Geek Squad's corporate office.

So while the computer was off for repair...I felt so lost! I never realized how much time I spent on the computer. In my opinion...way way way too much time. So, I had to fill in the gap and take my mind off of my computer being gone. So, I cleaned and scrapbooked. Well, I scrapbooked as much as I can. No computer for printing out pictures, no computer to typing out titles or cutting them on my Wishblade. I couldn't even work for my upcoming workshop. Luckily enough, I did place the workshop order before the computer crashed with CTMH. But what I was able to do was: find pictures and matched up papers. Went looking into all my magazines for inspiration instead of the internet. I was able to find a few sketches and used them along with my Imagine and Cherish. So, I was able to design the layouts, and cut the papers and put them aside till I can print out the pictures. So here is my latest creation...

Now New Year's resolution is to use up all my old papers right? So, far I think I am doing pretty good. But that is just my opinion.

On this layout, I stamped, using some old woodies (wood mounted stamps) from CTMH's All Occasion stamp set and filled in the blank spots around the crayons of CTMH's School Days B&T paper. Now, the abc paper was something I had in my stash from when I first started scrapbooking (in 1997). Most everything on these two pages came from my stash that I've been hoarding for years. The pics are of my daughter Kelli when she started into preschool. The year was 1987 and we were living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
There is so much more I would like to share with you...but I think my ranting on about those Geeks is enough for now. I do have another two page layout to share...but I'll wait till tomorrow and post it then.
So, until tomorrow, thanks for stopping by, its great having you here! If you enjoy reading my blog ...please feel free to leave me a comment. I love reading all your comments.
Happy Scrappin'
As I say to my grandchildren...
"Hugga Hugga"


Elaine said...

ok the 2nd layout w/ the alpha beads---SOOO STINKIN CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE love that idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) sorry about the puter, but thankful you had your head together enough to scrap! :) e

Kim said...

I know, computers can be such a pain in the you know what....on the positive note though, your layouts look fabulous!!!!!