Friday, May 1, 2009

Please welcome our latest addition...

Let me introduce you to our latest addition to the family. Her name is "Isabella Elizabeth" or "Marley" as soon as we find out what sex she/he is. Hubby thinks its a girl.

Let me tell the story of how this adorable little thing came to become part of the family. Yesterday, my granddaughter, Deborah, took the bus from school to here. She loves to come and visit directly after school. She had just finished her homework and went outside to play. Next thing I knew it, she comes running in yelling about how Auggie was barking at the kitten. I asked, "What kitten?" and she drags me outside to see the kitten. This poor helpless defenseless babe, was stuck between a big black toolbox and the storage unit and screaming!!! So, here I have, a 6 year old yelling, a 10 month old pup barking, and ???weeks kitten screaming. Wanna talk about how rattled my nerves were! LOL I persevere and rescue the kitten. I scarfed her up and took her into the house, leaving Auggie outside and of course Deborah on my heels. So, I spent the night cuddling with this adorable little creature. Of course I had to call DH at work and tell him. He brought home, everything imaginable that a young kitten would need. I immediately call the vet this morning and we have an appointment later on this afternoon. Now, I had to protect this little thing from the likes of Auggie. Auggie thinks its a toy that moves! So, I put the kitten in a box temporarily, and Kevin and I got the day carrier out of the backyard and cleaned it all up. I put the carrier out in the kitchen, out of the way of normal traffic flow. But once Auggie knew we had a new family member, she started sniffing till she came up upon the carrier. You see her in the picture just eyeballing that kitten. Later, I put the kitten and Auggie, nose to nose and Auggie gives the kitten a big ol' lick!

So, dh said, that since Deborah found the kitten, she's the one to name her/he. There was no hesitation at all. Deborah immediately said...I wanna name her Isabella Elizabeth. Isabella from the movie "Twilight" and Elizabeth because that's her middle name and she loves it. So, let me introduce...Izzie Lizzie. LOL Oh I then asked, what if it a boy kitty? Well, Deborah hemmed and hawed and I finally suggested the name "Marley." Oh she liked that a lot! There ya have it.
My not so quiet Thursday afternoon.

Thanks for letting me share my adventure.
Till next time...

Inky Hugs,


chattyscrapper said...

very sweet story.. and equally sweet kitten. thanks for sharing.
jen p

Tresa Black said...

I love Izzy Lizzy! What a cute name!