Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday's "W"

From the title, I bet you're say..."What is she talking about?" Well, last week we were asked when did you start stamping? This week's question of the week is, "Where do you find inspiraton for your creations?" That is a hard question to answer. Since I started stamping, way back during the dinosaur age, I have found inspiration almost everywhere. I remember doing a card once with the wall paper my parents had in their kitchen when I was growing up. But nowadays, I find inspiration everywhere. I love looking at other individual's creations. I'll see something I like and I'll make a mental note, then on another, I'll see something else. I do this till I think my head is going to burst, and then I get creative.

But where do I go to find this inspiration? I have so many different avenues to explore, that is hard to pinpoint just one or two. As you can see over on the left, the column of blogs I visit, well that's one source of inspiration. I also visit Close To My Heart's corporate message board for artwork. We sure do have a great group of talents ladies! Another source I have, when I have lots of different things I want to try but no foundation, I'll check out Becky's page maps. ( Not only does she have sketches for layouts but also for cards. In the beginning, I started out purchasing magazines to find inspiration. I'd even purchase a subscription or two. But it seems in the magazines are turning to the internet and blogging. Then there is always other message boards on the web, to bring some inspiration. I love this craft, because so many want to share. And then, last but by no means, least the books I love the most. They are from Close To My Heart and its Jeanette's "how to" books. There is 5 of them now, and the best source of inspiration. The 5 books include, Cherish, Imagine, Reflections, Originals, and Wishes.

As I explained yesterday, unfortunately, I don't have any artwork to share today. I am up to my neck in laundry. I've didn't finish it last week, so this week, I have almost twice as much. This is one chore I could really do without. But, we can't go around in dirty underwear now can we?

So, until the next time.....
Happy Stamping!


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Kathi Carlson said...

Very interesting, Leanne! I find that our "wheres" are remarkably similar. I'm certainly with you on the "head is going to burst" part! Overwhelming sometimes, isn't it? TFS.