Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hi everyone!

I know its been a while since I've posted anything. Its not because I haven't have anything to share. Let's just say, Mother Nature isn't cooperating. I usually take pictures of my artwork outside in the backyard. Doing it this way and using natural sunlight you can really see how nicely all the colors coordinate together. So with it raining for 5 days straight, I couldn't go out into my "backyard studio." And with living in the desert, our backyard is nothing but sand. So you can only imagine how messy it would be if I stepped out there till it dried somewhat. We have still been getting on and off rain showers. This is the season... Come a few months from now, I'll be stating how hot and dry it is and wishing for rain. Oh what vicious cycle!

Well, yesterday was a good day, with the sun shining, I was able to get outside into the "backyard studio" and try to snap some photos of the layouts I've just completed. So without further ado...

This first set of layouts, I completed this month is for my monthly workshop. We used Close To My Heart's Workshop of the Go Kit, "Caboodle." This is what the layouts are suppose to look like:

Now, with my layouts, I did make some minor changes, but tried to keep basically the same. The pictures are of my twin grandsons, Jaden and Benny. The first set is of Jaden, age 14 months.

I did the same thing with this layout of Benny, except I flipped the papers over to the other side and I ran a stitch line around the outer part of the layout. Then I took my marker and connected the dots. I would have run a threaded stitch line with my machine, except the bobbin is messed up and I need to take my machine in for servicing.
On the brackets, I changed the color of them and I also used my Cuddlebug embossing folder "Swiss Dots" on it to give some more texture to the layout. Since I had already cut the piece of cardstock for my journaling, I printed my journaling out onto a transparency and laid it over the journaling block. I had adhered the transparency to the layout with regular adhesive but hid the edges underneath the pieces next to it to hide the adhesive.
I have a couple more layouts to share, so I'll try to post them later on today or first thing tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Until later....
Happy Scrapping!

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