Monday, June 14, 2010

Long Time

I can't believe it...its been almost two months since I've posted anything here on my blog. I do so want to apologize for not posting sooner. Now, as I am about to share some of the artwork I've been working on the past couple of months, I ask myself, "What do I want to accomplish with my blog?" I don't do challenges, or sketches very often...I could sit and post and tell you about what kind of day I've had. But I am afraid of either boring you to death, or this blog would turn into a b*%^h-a-thon. So, until I can figure out what direction I want my blog to go, I will continue to just post my artwork and try to explain or give some guidance of how I did a particular layout.

So, let me tell what I've been up to the last couple of months. Our daughter Kelli and her family were living in an apartment out in Mojave. Its been decades, since DH and I lived in an apartment, but we remember oh so well, having to deal with other people and their lifestyles. Kelli has learned such a lesson, since leaving home 8 years ago. Well, she and the family had the opportunity to move into a house and they jumped at the chance. They knew this would be excellent for the children to have their own backyard to play in and put some "normalcy" to their lives. So, about the last week of April, we started packing up her apartment and started moving her belongings to the new house. Now, the house had been sitting empty for over 9 months. So, before things could be moved into the house, the house needed a good cleaning. Kelli and I spent close to 4 days scrubbing the house from top to bottom. Then her brother-in-law who owns a franchise of Stanley Steamer came out and cleaned all the carpets. Then we started moving things into the house. First we tackled the kitchen. To me that's the biggest chore in moving. Then the rest fell into place.

So, while we're busy trying to get Kelli settled into her new home, the twins came for a visit. We hadn't seen them in almost 4 weeks. So the plan was they were to stay for about a week, but turned out to be 3 weeks. I love having them come for a visit. They are due to return this week and will be here for about 10 days.

Meanwhile, I am searching for solace in this turmoil of my children's lives. Where do I find such comfort? Of course, back in my rubber room working on layouts. I am so surprised that I was even able to get the layouts done for my monthly workshop. But I have and then some. Now, granted, I have never been one to rush through a layout just to get it completed. But it seemed with all that was going on...its a miracle I could get even the first thing done. But I did and with the weather permitting...I was able to step outside with the sun shining and the wind NOT blowing and photograph my layouts. I will do my best to explain each of the layouts and what I did.

Veranda Layouts
These layouts were done for my monthly workshop in April. I took the Veranda "Workshop on the Go" and changed it a bit. Instead of plain cardstock background, I substituted patterned paper for the background. I also pulled out of my stash, some large silk flowers and used them on each page. I cut on my Wishblade a decorative mat to go around the journaling block, so that everything had the elegant feel to the page.

Miracle Kit Layouts

May was National Scrapbooking Month, and Close To My Heart, in celebration of NSD, offered this wonderful kit called "Miracle." I loved what the kit included and thought of these pictures immediately when I saw the paper packet. Now, the instructions said to use "Colonial White" cardstock as my foundation page. We all know how I feel about plain white background, so I chose to use "Hollyhock" patterned paper. It really made the pictures, papers and embellishments just pop. I added few more paper flowers and buttons to the layout besides the embellies that the instructions said to use.

I have a few more layouts to share, but for now, I need to run. Hopefully, later on this afternoon or perhaps tomorrow, I'll be able to get back on the computer and share with you some more.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time...

Happy Scrappin'!!



Wendy K. said...

Great layouts!

Kathi C. said...

Hi Leanne! It's good to see you whenever I "see" you! I so know what you mean about "direction" and blogging. If it weren't for the cards that take center stage on my blog , I wouldn't have much to say. My life, much to my delight, is boring as heck. At my age, "excitement" usually means trouble of some kind, and I can do without that. LOL.

Your layouts are lovely as always. I wish I had more time to scrapbook.

Having waited so long, your daughter and her family will appreciate their home. It will be good.

Again, it's good to see you. Take care!