Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dear Diary Moment

Its with a heavy heart, I write this now. Our beloved pet, Sammie has left us and has joined Jackie, and Jorge up in heaven. She was such a good dog! She was friendly and loving. The twins took to her right away as Sammie did to them.

Sammie has such the cutest grin. She would raise one side of her upper lip and let it quiver. I called it her "Elvis" impersonation.

Good by ol' girl! We love you and you'll be terribly missed. Thank you for being the great dog you were. I love you Sammie girl!!

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bellameabhn said...

i'm sorry about sammie, leanne. i was just reminiscing about my sweet boy devin the other day. i swear my dog babies and kitty babies affect my heart as if they were my own biological children! i hope you're doing well.