Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sweet Baby Times Two

Greetings everyone from the Rubber Room!

I spent most of the weekend, running after two 2 year olds and working on getting all my albums reorganized again. Then losing Sammie so unexpectedly, really through me in a tailspin. It really was so unexpected, but she went peacefully.

I also made up a plan as to how to get as many layouts done within the month as possible. Now whether I meet those goals is an entirely different matter. As I was organizing everyone's scrapbooks, I realized I was lacking in some. That's when I decided to make up a plan. I wish I was like some who could knock out a few pages a day, but I do alot of pondering over my layouts and as Pooh would say, "Think, Think, Think" about what else is needed, I am lucky if I can finish a layout in two days.
A speed scrapper I am not! LOL

But you know? I keep taking the pictures, which require more pages.
So, in the big realm of things...I'll never be caught up...but its lots
of fun trying!

I'd like to share a layout (x2) I just completed for the twins First Year album. I call it "Sweet Baby." The size is a 9x9. I used CTMH's Reflections. One page is of Benny and the other is of Jaden, both 10 days old.
Now on to the next layout!
Until next time,
Happy Scrappin'!
Inky Hugs,


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Julie Carriere said...

Love these pages and all your work is beautiful