Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Creative Process

Greetings once again from the Rubber Room!

Let me ask you something...how do you plan out your pages? Do you go through that whole roll of film and assigned papers and embellishments to it? Or do you purchase papers first and then look to see what photos will go nicely with them? Where do you normally find your inspiration? How do you determine which photos to scrap and which ones you don't?

Have you sat back and wondered why you do some of the things you do? Oh, I question it all the time! I tried planning out pages for the photos I had, but I change my mind too many times. So, my biggest rule of thumb for me is....go with your instincts. Go with the first thought that pops into your head. I'll be at my LSS and looking at all the papers, and if something or some photos I know I have, pops immediately into my head, I'll usually purchase those papers. Same thing goes when I am browsing the internet.

But then, here is where it gets messy!!

I have my papers! I have my photos!! Now...what stamps coordinate with these papers? What stickers, what ribbons, what embellishments, what rub-ons do I have that I can use? At this point, I am on a mission, seek out and destroy!! Seek out all things possible to use on this page and destroy the rubber room doing so. If I don't destroy it before, its the clean up that's the killer.

Now, with all that said, I have destroyed the rubber room and the dining room table. In case you don't know, I have to share my rubber room with my twin grandsons. They usually arrive here on Thursday and leave on Sunday to go back to their mother. I do my best to keep this room as neat and tidy as possible, just to keep little sticky fingers out of things they shouldn't be messing with. But even that has fallen by the wayside this past couple of weeks.

Now, you're probably are saying to yourself, it can't be all that bad. Believe me when I say its bad...its just that BAD! Then you're probably saying, then clean it up Gamma! YUCK!!! I love a clean house, but hate to clean...I love to organize, but it never stays that way! Have you ever said this to yourself?

I am just pumped at wanting to keep on with creating more scrapbook pages, that I don't want to be bothered, tidying up. But, that "mother's" voice is going off in my head. Do it now...get it done and then you can play.

So, if you've read everything to this point...thanks!

Let me share my latest page. Its going to be the intro page to my granddaughter's first year album. Its her ultra sound photo, telling her parents to expect a little girl! Papers are from a slab from Colorbok, "Dena's Closet." Stamps are from Close To My Heart, Quilt Sampler (retired) and It's a Girl (retired). These are both wood mounted stamps...it was strange using woodies after using the acrylics for so long. Most of the embellishments either came from my stash or was included in the paper slab.

Thanks so much for letting me just ramble on and for stopping by. Don't forget to leave a comment of two about the artwork you see here. I love hearing from all of you!
So, till next time....
Happy Scrappin'!!
Inky Hugs


Karon said...

Leanne, your layout is adorable! The baby dress really stands out and adds to the layout. I hear you on the keeping clean part. It's required for me to feel creative. I can't work with a mess. I could take a lesson or two from you on using up what I have before buying new. I tend to "collect" and then forget what I have intended to use it for.....LOL

Theresa said...

Very cute layout! Love the colors.
Glad to know I'm not the only rambler...LOL

Sharon said...

I love your layout!

Kathy said...

LeAnn, I do so know your search and destroy method! LOL. I usually see papers and match to photos then I grab the embellishments (thereby destroying the craft room in the searching for the goodies). And it seems to take forever to put the craft room back together. I so feel your pain!

I do love the layout you did with the unltra sound, looks beautiful!

You know, it is good to see that I am not the only one that does it that way.

Have a good day and many happy scrappin hours!

~Joann said...

I loved your post today Leanne and especially loved the intro page to your granddaughter's album. You have some talent woman!

Mary said...

Adorable layout! What a great gift this would be - very nice to frame.

Kim said...

Wow, what a beautiful layout! Looks like a lot of work was put into it!