Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally...Gamma Got Some Pictures!!

I have a son who lives in Oklahoma with his wife and three girls, Ivy, Allisson, and Emily. Emily was born a little over a year ago...and I have yet to receive the first picture of the child. Well, either Michael or his wife, Lisa, decided to send me some pictures. So, I decided to share with all of you the pictures he sent. I will try to explain each pic...hopefully it won't get too confusing.

This first picture is of Ivy and Allisson. I am not sure of the dog's name. (if that is a dog!!) LOL You can tell from the date on the pictures of when these pictures were taken. The next two pictures are of Ivy, Michael's step daughter. She's bright little thing. Mike tells me she makes the honor roll at school each semester.

These next four pictures are of Allisson. She's a cutie patootie!

These last two pictures are of Mike's youngest daughter, Emily. She sure looks alike like her daddy! She reminds me alot of Mike's grandmother, Kathleen.

She too is a cutie patootie.

Thanks for letting me share in my excitement. Let's see how long it'll be before I get some pictures. High school graduation perhaps? LOL

Until next time...

Happy Scrappin'

Inky Hugs,

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