Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Month...New Post

Hi everyone!

I am sooooooooooooo sorry for not posting sooner. The month of February was an absolute disaster. I didn't want to post and whine of all the calamities going on in my life. I was afraid you might start throwing cheese at me. LOL Nothing like a little whine and cheese! LOL I really didn't want to tell you about how our backyard was broken into and the thiefs left the back gate open and my dogs got out. I didn't want to tell you how we lost one of our dogs, our 5 month old Charliey. I didn't want to tell you about how my washing machine broke and had to wait for a day off for DH to fix it. I didn't want to have to tell you about how, no sooner did DH fix my washing machine and the water heater sprung a leak and we had to replace that. I really don't think you want to hear about any of that!

So, instead, I'll tell you all about the layouts I've been working on. I REALLY don't want to overwhelm you and include all the layouts at once, so I am going to space it out for a few days till I can get all caught up with my layout share. One of my kids asked if I was running out of pictures to scrap. I thought that was hysterical...I will probably be scrapping probably well into the next decade. LOL

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I've been trying to complete some unfinished layouts. This first set of layouts are of the twins, Jaden and Benjamin. The first set I completed were for Benny's album and done for a workshop back in 2007. At that time, everything was fresh and current, even pictures of the twins. LOL This set is for Jaden's album. I used Rough and Tumble paper pack. It has since been retired, along witht the stamp sets, Little Boys, Flyin' High and Childhood Boy. You might have seen these layouts before. But when I have more than one person in a layout, I always make a duplicate layout. That's so I can put the same special moment in each album.
Looks like today is going to be a bright sunshiny day and the wind doesn't seem to be blowing too bad. Hopefully, I can get outside and photograph some of the layouts, I've completed and just haven't had the nice weather to get a good photograph. El Nino at its finest! Last time we went through El Nino, our backyard (which is mainly all sand) had all kinds of green plants growing everywhere. I took pictures of DH trying to mow the backyard somewhere. Maybe that should be my next set of layouts. Hmmmm....
Well, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for my next set of layouts.
Until next time,
Happy Scrappin'!!

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Cherie said...

Love your LO's!!! Sorry you had a month of calamidies! Hope things are better.