Thursday, October 2, 2008

Water Dog

Early morning greetings from the Rubber Room!

I thought I had posted this pictures before, but with the crash of my computer...there is a lot of things I thought I did and didn't do. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you the first time Auggie (our new pup) discovered there was water in that big blue thing in the backyard. She just happened to run into it and found that it moved. So, she took another step closer to discovering the water on the other side. Once she got her feet wet, well the rest is history. She would run and run around the backyard and dive into the pool. Run around in circles a few times then jump out and run around the backyard again. It was really a site and had us all laughing hysterically. And as all good things must come to an does our small little swimming pool. Auggie jumped in one too many times and bit the side of the pool, deflating it.
So little girl, you're gonna have to wait till next year to get a pool just for you. Next year at this time, you'll be the size of a horse! LOL
Let me do some explaining about the pictures here. The first one up there, she's peeking into the pool...saying something like...what is on the other side. Next picture, shows her being a bit more curious and touching the water. You you dip your toe in to feel the temp of the water. This next picture...she's tested the water and jumped in. Here she is running back and forth, splashing water everywhere. And this last picture...she just discovered the sand at the bottom of the pool. Inquisitive minds!
I hope you get a giggle or two from the adventures of our new pup. She's fun to watch, and man does she take a lot of work to train.
Thanks for stopping by!
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Happy Scrappin'!
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