Friday, October 17, 2008

In loving memory...


Welcome back to the Rubber Room!

A few years ago, a call went out from the editors of "Paper Trends." They were looking for various paper crafts items, things other than scrapbook layouts or cards. I was in my clock making phase at that time. Unfortunately, I no longer have that picture to share...but anyways, I sent off via email and picture of a small cd clock I had made to the publishers. A couple days later, one of the editors wrote back to me and asked if the clock actually worked. Which it did...and then she asked for me to package it up and send it to her. She wanted to put in the Premier edition of "Paper Trends." I was so excited. So I sent off the little clock and waited for the new magazine to come out onto the stores shelves. The waiting was unbearable. I couldn't wait to see my little cd clock in print. Then one day, in the mail, I got a copy of the magazine and there on page 121 of the premier edition was my little clock and the instructions on how to make one. I was thrilled, excited, and proud to be able to contribute to this publication. I can now say, I have been published. My first and only time I have submitted anything. The editor wrote back to me ... once the magazine was published and out the door (what is they say in the newspaper industry?...put to bed? LOL) and asked me to send her my address so she could send the little clock back to me. I told her to keep it and place it in her office as a remembrance of the "premier" edition of her magazine.

Then a few months later, I received this package in the mail. It was full of papers, and stickers, and all kinds of embellishments. Papers I had seen at my LSS and drooled over, but couldn't afford at that moment. The papers were Sharon Sonneff's Sonnets from Creative Imaginations. They are absolutely gorgeous. It was such a special event that led me to these papers, I wanted to so something just as special with them.

My sister Joella, received this poem from a friend the first year after the passing of our father. She in turn, retyped it on the computer, printed it on parchment paper and framed it. She sent it to all three of my brothers, and myself. I, in turn, retyped it and made this layout for the family album, using the special papers I received from "Paper Trends." But before I could do this layout, I wanted an angel to go on the page. I looked and looked, and I could not find an angel I liked enough to include on this layout. Then, my brother, Jeff, one Christmas, sent my family a personalized serving tray and this sweet little angel was on that tray. So, now I knew what angel I wanted on it, I went in search of picture, bitmap, jpeg, book, anything that had this little angel. Then one day, someone on one of the groups I belong to, shared a link for all kinds of artwork. As I was browsing through this website, I found that little angel. I was thrilled. So, now with all the pieces together...I finally put the layout together, with the help of Becky Fleck's book, "Page Maps."
Now I realize the printing on the layout is so tiny and you probably can't read the poem...I thought I would share the poem here with you.
My First Christmas In Heaven
I see the countless Christmas trees
around the world below,
with tiny lights, like Heaven’s stars,
reflecting on the snow.
The sight is so spectacular,
please wipe away the tear...
for I am spending Christmas with
Jesus Christ this year.
I hear the many songs
that people hold so dear...
but the sounds of music can’t compare
with the Christmas choir up here.
I have no words to tell you,
the joy their voices bring,
for it is beyond description,
to hear the angels sing.
I know how much you miss me,
I see the pain inside your heart,
but I’m not so far away,
we really aren’t apart.
So be happy for me, dear ones,
you know I hold you dear.
And be glad I’m spending Christmas
with Jesus Christ this year.
I sent you each a special gift,
from my Heavenly home above.
I sent you each a memory
of my undying love.
After all, love is a gift more precious
than pure gold.
It was always most important
in the stories Jesus told.
Please love and keep each other,
as my Father said to do.
For I can’t count the blessing or love
He has for each of you.
So have a Merry Christmas and
wipe away that tear.
Remember, I am spending Christmas with
Jesus Christ this year.
Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed yourself and found some inspiration. I am heading back to my corner and work some more, so that I have more to share with you on another day. Come back again.
Until next time,
Happy Scrappin'!
Inky Hugs,

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debbie said...

Thanks so much for sharing this poem with us; I have lost 2 husbands and both parents, and a grandchild,
it means so much to see this